Working On a Very Big Piece

I honestly cannot remember when was the last big painting I did in watercolor. And lately, a special someone inspired me this piece with dryads. I thought it would be great to post work in progress of it as I go!

Dryad painting WIP 01

There is about 10 hres of work on this painting so far… and counting! :idea:

4 Responses to “Working On a Very Big Piece”

  1. Cath Says:

    That looks pretty détailed!!!!
    Hate to ask this out of you when you seem flodded with work, but are you going to do a Xmas Card this year? ’cause I’d love to buy some to send out.
    Big thanks

  2. Annie Says:

    Hello Catherine!! :idea:
    Since I didn’t really do a lot of marketing with last year’s christmas card design and because I didn’t have as much time this year, I had to decide not to do one this year. I don’t know if you ever saw last year’s design?

    It’s this one:

    But I am thinking that if you really would like a new design, I could come up with something this week and see if I can pull it off and order them so that I get them not too late. It would probably take overall two weeks to do all this though. Would that be too late?

  3. fairyrocks Says:

    Stopped by for the Krafting Kimmie hop, saw this stunning work in progress and just had to say WOW!!
    Just WOW, you are a rare talent!! Keep smiling and creating

  4. Cath Says:

    Hi Annie,
    That card’s fine. I didn’t know you’d done it what with the marriage cards being sent out at about the same time and everything. That design’d be fine. I’d need 20 and could come and pick them up at your place to save you the trouble of shipping everything if it’s fine with you.
    You can call me, mail me or text me to confirm everything.

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