The Voodoo Lady

Posted under ( New illustrations ) by Annie on July 19th

She is now finished! I’m so happy with this one, especially since I’ve worked with colours I am not very comfortable with: yellow and brown.

She looks like she is up to no good! ;)

Voodoo Lady

Voodoo Lady (work in progress)

Posted under ( Work in Progress ) by Annie on July 18th

OH! I haven’t painted in a while and it feels so great to have something to show!! This is only the sketched illustration, but I can assure you that it should be done by the end of the week. It’s now already inked and half way painted too! The final illustration should be in tones of yellow, brown and pink!

She looks ready to cook something up! Good or bad? That, I’m not even sure myself!

Voodoo Lady Sketch

July 2010 Blog Hop!

Posted under ( Stamps ) by Annie on July 17th

Today we have a stamp release! Tomorrow, I will post a new work in progress of an illustration so be sure to come back!

To month for Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps ( ), we have traveling girls! These are the first 5, but I have a good feeling we might have more in the future, so don’t be shy to give us your suggestions! I will keep them in mind if ever the theme comes back again.

I colored the American girl for you all today!

American Girl Stamp design

Of course, like with every blog hop, there are stamps to win! Make sure to comment on each blog of the hop for a chance to win!

The first stop of the hop:
The next stop from this blog is the wonderful Melanie:

June Blog Hop!

Posted under ( Stamps ) by Annie on June 12th

June is already in and we have new stamps at Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps ( This month, I designed Asian inspired stamps! I must admit though, they are not all accurate costumes, I let myself go a little bit, but I hope you will still enjoy them.

I did again a little bit of Photoshop magic with the following design as I only manage to do it last minute. I’m crossing my fingers that you will get more updates from me soon, along with colored designs that are a little more elaborate since I will soon have a helper at the studio! (how exciting!)

Asian Stamp design

As with each hop, there are stamps to win! Simply comment on each blog of the hop for a chance to win!

The hop starts here:

The next stop from this blog is the lovely Elaine:

Now on Facebook!

Posted under ( Uncategorized ) by Annie on May 16th

Now this was more than overdue. I create a Facebook Page for Moonlight Whispers. I’m hoping that this will push me to do more illustration on my spare time, so that I can update it with lots of goodies (along with this blog also!) So if you are on Facebook and feel that it’s easier to follow me there, feel free to join!

Follow this link to go to the Page!

I also have a work in progress to share. This is a sketch for a wedding invitation commission I am working on. I’m hoping to get it all colored this week.

Wedding Invitation 01

May 2011 Blog Hop!

Posted under ( Stamps ) by Annie on May 15th

It seems like the only thing I manage to update on this blog these days are the hops for the new stamp releases. I really need to find a way to keep new illustrations coming soon. So much work is pilling up! And I am thankful for it every single day, but gosh it would feel great to do a few illustrations here and there for myself too! (don’t you agree?)

This month at Kraftin Kimmie Stamps ( we have sporty girls! One of those ladies is even inspired by the sport that’s keeping me into shape weekly: kickboxing! She’s not the one I colored today though. I did this lovely lady instead:

Skating Girl Stamp Design

Of course, like with every hop, there are stamps to win! All you need to do is comment on each blogs of the hop for a chance to win! (pretty easy!) :evil:

The hop starts here:
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April 2011 Blog Hop!

Posted under ( Stamps ) by Annie on April 17th

Is it already the time for a new hop? And I am the first one to start the hop on top of that! Yikes! The pressure! Hopefully you will all like the new designs for this month at Kraftin Kimmie Stamps ( ! They are fairies!

I decided to do again a little bit of Photoshop magic with this one and I guess I cheated a little bit when I colored the wings. I don’t know if it would be possible to do something similar with stamps. I hope you will still enjoy it!

Of course, like every month, there are stamps to win! To get a chance to win, visit and comment on each blog of the hop! Since this is the first stop, no need to send you back at the beginning so the next stop is Krista:

Some Inked Doodles

Posted under ( New illustrations, Projects ) by Annie on March 17th

These two little illustrations are part of a series of tests I have been working on since the beginning of February. But because of the huge load of work I had, I didn’t find any time to post them here. I only managed to share them on Twitter (if ever you have an account, mine is @annierodrigue).

I’ve been revisiting Batty a lot. I would love to create a story with her in it. So the plan was to find a nice technique that would work with the morbid but cute style of the character. Here is what came out of it!

Batty and the Mermaid

Batty Portrait

There will be more of these in the following weeks. I have a few piled up already and more to come for sure! :idea:

March Blog Hop 2011!

Posted under ( Stamps ) by Annie on March 13th

Seems like I have skipped a few hops in the past months! I’ve been insanely busy, but I’m happy to say that deadlines have been met and I’m now back to a more normal schedule. This should mean more blog updates this month!

For March’s stamp release at Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps (, I illustrated everyday girls! This set was so much fun to create! I really feel like we ladies can all relate to those girls, hopefully you will be feel the same about them too!

As usual, I picked one of the designs to color! Another one done all in Photoshop!

Of course, there are stamps to win!! (we know you wannnnt them!) To get a chance to win, you simple have to comment on all the blogs of the hop! Some lucky winners will be picked by Kimmie!

The blog hop starts here:
And the next stop from my blog is Lori!

The Perfect Poison Wall Scroll

Posted under ( Uncategorized ) by Annie on March 11th

I should have posted this picture a whole lot sooner, but because of the workload, I could only start blogging again today! I got this picture from Jennifer at the end of January after she purchased one of the few wall scrolls I was selling. How fun and touching to see some of my work on someone else’s wall!

Thank you so much Jennifer! :mrgreen: And I couldn’t help but notice that there is a greeting card on the shelf that was done with one of my stamp designs too!

Coming this weekend: the blog hop for march! And later this week: a lot of new art!