About Me

The Tale of an Unexpectedly Macabre Illustrator

Bonjour! I'm Annie, the illustrator and creator behind this shop! 

Like most creators, I've been putting pen to paper, brush to canvas and digital pixels to screen since forever. I was always compelled to tell stories through my work and I feel privileged to say I can do this for a living. I've been an illustrator and concept artist for the past 20 years and through this time, I've tackled children's books, video games, illustration, animation and licensing. 

Annie's everyday art desk

But this shop is my little cozy world, that part of me that's allowed to draw the little macabre stories. Where my sense of humour can flourish in a quirky way. If you are here, it's likely because we have a kinship for not taking ourselves too seriously and I am so grateful I can share this side of me with you.

With this little corner of the internet, I'm hoping I can build and share my fantastical stories and worlds, make you dream of unexpected moments, be inspired to create alongside me. 

I feel like fun adventures awaits us!


  • Goopy Fact #1

    Early in my career, one of my dreams was to illustrate children's books. Now, I'm lucky to say I've illustrated over 40!

  • Gloomy Fact #2

    While most of my work online and for clients has been done in digital formats, my absolute favourite mediums are pen, ink and watercolor.

  • Misty Fact #3

    If you've followed me a bit online, you might already know that I love to create also through my clothing: I sew all the time and make my own hats.